I have been dutifully reading many articles and numerous publications chiefly related to new real estate developments in South Florida. The burgeoning of a plethora of high-rise residential buildings, coupled with giant commercial components, entertainment and other intriguing attractions are undoubtedly the avatar of prosperity. Thumbs up!

Builders, architects, engineers, designers and technology gurus are vying for the buyers’ / consumers’ attention by advertising their masterpiece while using the promotional and trendy jargon of “second-to-none”, state-of-the-art”, “unique”, “cutting-edge-technology”, “top-of the line”, unparalleled, “breath-taking views”, ultra-smart building” “inimitable amenities” “ for the most discriminating consumer”, etc., etc., just a few to mention.

Having said that, not too many of those publications flaunt about the most important of all “Customer Service / Experience”. Customer Service cannot be built in concrete like all of the above fixtures. We still have to relegate this subject to the archaic version of “humans serving humans”. How refreshing, isn’t it? Albert Einstein once said” it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. Quite funny; back then “the apps” he was probably referring to were some crank-operated old cash registers and of course the rotary phone. But he did have a vision…

Excellent Customer Service begins with Excellent Leadership. Excellence in Customer Services is like the landscape which adorns the aforementioned magnificent projects: First it must be planted with the best quality seeds, sprouts, scions and twigs; Second and most important, is to maintain it.

Selection of best talents is a pivotal factor, but it is not sufficient if it is not continuously nurtured with “fertilizing training” and incessant personnel motivational development programs. Employees, should invariably be recognized as a priceless asset who ultimately are assigned to maintain multi-billion dollar concrete assets as I mentioned before.

Let’s start investing in the right people. Let’s be prepared for the avalanche of demand coming along with those real estate mammoths looming throughout the region.

Excellence in Customer Experience should be imbedded and expected, not demanded.

John C. Maxwell quote: “Leaders develop daily, not in a day.

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